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A few words

about us.

Listening to customer’s needs.

We are not an ordinary service company. Our goal is to establish cooperation with the client in order to provide our services on a partnership basis which is to lead to active operational, tax and financial or personal consulting.

High quality of services

Over 30 years of experience on the Polish market and a diverse portfolio of Clients let us offer services of a global standard. It is the quality of services that allows building partnerships maintained over the years.

Repeatability of successes

We don’t have a ready recipe for success. Each of our Clients is a separate organization determined by an individually created environment.

The key to success is to learn about company’s rules and the implementation of our services in selected areas. This allows for a real cost optimization not only of operating costs, but of the entire organization.


We support business models with technology, experience and commitment. This triangle allows you to build a brand whose presence on the market becomes noticeable. We optimize the architecture of companies and brands, no matter what stage of development they’re at. Let us have a look at your company from the outside and we will show you how much you can gain from working with us..

optymalizacja marki

Full accounting in all areas of the company.

Human resources – professional human resources and payroll management.

Optimization of operating costs.

Brand, company and ZCP valuation.

Study of the effectiveness of the work of teams and employees.

Creating calculators and operational converters.

Business consulting

Human resources and payroll

A highly developed department with the use of the latest online support programs for both employees and managers supervising their employees. Have access to an employee data whenever you want.

Processes occuring

after entering into cooperation

Our company, while providing any kind of service it offers to the client, makes a lot of effort since the very beginning offering support and consulting. Thanks to that the client is treated as a business partner and not as a so-called “customer from the street.”


30 % Time saved when transferring the documents

Possibility to share and store documents in the cloud


70% Cheaper solution compared to market prices


30% of real cost profit incurred so far

What our customers

say about us